Inbound UFO is an indie tower defense game created by a team of two over the course of 3 years of development. The game has a style inspired by the RTS games from the beginning of 2000's. It is a game that combines the fast combat tactical decisions with the long term upgrade strategy and gives the player an unique gaming experience every time he or she hits the start wave button.


The Story and The Lore

A full scale alien invasion is developing and it has the signs of a strange and unexplainable deployment of forces that attack in apparently random places after disabling some of the most powerful strategic weaponry on Earth and blowing off the orbit the most advanced satellites that human race managed to create so far.

Everything becomes more evident after seeing what actually is going on...
The most successful show on the mother planet from Zeta Reticuli is just starting with thousands of candidates applying for the "Earth Invasion" Reality Show, only 100 years+ contestants are allowed, maximum age is the equivalent of 300 Earth years. The cosmic grand prize is a planet size statue of the winner sculpted in the diamond made M216 planet orbiting the most popular destination in the Milky Way Galaxy, the K-51b solar system.

The rules are simple: they choose their weapons and category depending on the participation fee, deploy on Earth in a spectacular flying saucer teleportation, wreak havoc and have fun by ruining insignificant human civilization places, reach destination by destroying all human defenses around and score with a big bang in the human outposts. Winners get a free deployment in the next phase, losers are teleported home and receive consolation prizes depending on the human tower weapon that apparently killed them and a bonus prize for the most artistic death faking.
All the participants will be accommodated on Mars, since it has very similar climate conditions with the home planet.

Unfortunately you're on the human side and nobody but the Zeta Reticulans know about the reality show. The invasion is pretty damn serious on Earth and it is quite difficult to stop even the tiniest alien coming down the road. Upgrades are necessary but the army is in trouble with the finances and the communication channels.
Expect a delay when calling for Army Support. Fortunately the HQ will provide several towers from the strategic army supply for free. The rest is your merit and you have to prove your skills in order to get the cash and the research funds.

You are leading the 20th "Exoplanet" Brigade, part of a classified army division trained and equipped to handle this type of encounters.
Plan your map strategy for the worst scenario, watch your cash and don't be afraid to sell the already deployed and used towers in order to defend in better positions.

Be precise, command your towers with maximum vigilance, the time is short.


Game Quick Points

  • 20 missions Campaign with high replayability and an automatic wave generator unlocked when advancing in campaign giving more than 50 hours of gameplay.
  • 16 towers made up from 4 tower categories, each with 4 tiers with a twist: each tier is specialized, 3 of the tiers having secondary weapons suited for certain tactics. This way a lower tier may be used in combat along with higher tiers just like in real life combat situations. Since every tier has advantages and disadvantages it all comes to your military skills to combine and use them.
  • Controllable towers that have a set of orders that can be issued to them, allowing the player to pin point an enemy, organize an ambush, hold a tower for a shot in the back and so on.
  • Upgradable towers and secondary weapons that give the player an option to leverage between the upgraded characteristics and combat deployment costs.
  • 20 enemies with different AI-s, skills, weaknesses and strengths that will put pressure on your tactical and strategical skills.
  • A Time Slowdown ability that comes as a very handy tool to gain tactical time.
  • Realistic projectile physics and AI reactions.
  • A global in-game military budget that will test your strategic skills from a financial perspective. Don't build more towers than needed. Use all the free towers too.